Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review: Crystal Nail Decorations

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Hey, everyone!

Sorry that posts haven't been very regular lately. Both of my sweet little pet rats are fairly ill right now so I've been super stressed and really worried the last couple weeks. Doing my nails really destresses me and helps me calm down, but I just frankly haven't had a lot of time as of late. They're both stable enough now that I feel like I can at least breathe, so I'm hoping they both feel better soon! Anyway, I have another item from Born Pretty Store to share with you today so please keep reading!

I wanted to try something a little different so when I chose my last round of items to review, I chose these crystal nail decorations. You can currently buy them for $1.99 for a packet of them, although they're usually sell for $4.18. They come in tons of colors/styles, and I picked style #8, although these are style #2. But that's okay because these are still gorgeous!

In the package they don't look like much but, as you can see below compared with a dime, there are PLENTY of them to last you a while! Plus, I discovered that they're acetone proof so you can always clean them and reuse them after a mani if you so desire. There's a plethora of shapes and sizes - I really love how organic and natural they look.

Because they're natural (or faux natural, I'm not sure honestly), there are some minor differences in color with this style that I received. Some look like a dusty purple amethyst color, others look more brown toned, and others seem to have a mix of both colors within them. It think it also depends on how the light reflects off of or through them. In the two following pictures you can see how at one angle the stones look brownish and in the other they're more purple. I don't think this is a negative thing, simply something I thought I should point out!

For the nail art, I used OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons, Essie Sew Psyched, and Essie Merino Cool to make some needle marble decals on my nail mat. I actually made these a few days before I needed them so they had plenty of time to dry completely. When I sat down to do this mani, I started with one coat of DPMB on my index and ring fingers, two coats of Sew Psyched on my thumb and middle finger, and two coats of Merino Cool on my pinky finger. While my index and ring fingers were still slightly tacky, I applied my marble decals and smoothed them as best as I could to get the bubbles out. Then I removed the excess with a cleanup brush, cleaned up all my nails, and applied topcoat.

Once my topcoat was dry, I chose a few varying sizes of stones to put on my middle finger and thumb. Almost all of the stones, that I could tell, had a side that was flatter so that made them easier to situate on my nails. I applied them using some nail glue, and once they seemed somewhat secure, I applied more nail glue in the little gaps around them to help them REALLY stay put. And oh boy, did they stay put! I only wore them for about a day or so, but when I removed them the next day they were still quite secure on my nails! And of course then I cleaned the residue off of them with acetone so I can use them again (not like I have a short supply of them...).

 Materials Used
OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons
Essie Sew Psyched
Essie Merino Cool
BPS crystal nail decorations

I really loved this color combo, it seemed like a great palette to ease into fall. And I just couldn't believe how well Merino Cool matched the stones! What a wonderful coincidence! What do you think of this look? Don't forget to use the code below for 10% off your next order from Born Pretty Store. Thanks for stopping by!

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