Saturday, September 26, 2015

Les Nail Smiths, September 2015: Double Processed Stamping

Hey, everyone!

For September's Les Nail Smiths theme, I chose double processed stamping. It's a fairly new and kinda tricky stamping technique but the results are well worth the effort! I won't really go too much into the details of how it's done, but if you're curious then please check out this post by Lacquer Lockdown! It's described really well there. Anyway, keep reading below to find out more about my double processed stamping look!

I started with one coat of Avon Inked Up on my thumb and pinky nails (such a deep blue it seems black most of the time!), one coat of Essie Good as Gold on my index finger, and two coats of Icing Posh Princess on my middle and ring fingers. When they were all dry, I stamped a wordy script image from Messy Mansion plate MM24 onto my thumb and pinky, using both Posh Princess and Good as Gold to create a gradient stamp. On my index finger I used Inked Up to stamp some books and such from the same plate. On my middle and ring fingers I did my actual processed stamping. I used the same script image from MM24 and using Good as Gold, I picked up the image. Then when it was still on my stamper I picked up an inkblot and feather quill image from Vivid Lacquer plate VL018 using Inked Up. Then I stamped the stacked image onto each nail. I sealed everything with a topcoat.

Materials Used
Icing Posh Princess
Avon Inked Up
Essie Good as Gold
Vivid Lacquer VL018
Messy Mansion MM24

I wanted to go for a sort of scholarly look with these nails and I think they turned out great! I'm really glad the images turned out well - it makes the quill and inkblot look sort of like they're filled with the power of words! These also seemed appropriate to be posting today because by the time this post is up, I will have (hopefully) finished taking the CBEST and will be on my way to becoming a substitute teacher! Anyway, Michelle is unfortunately too busy with grad school right now to try her hand at this prompt, but I think she's going to revisit it when she has a chance! Thanks for stopping by!

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