Thursday, September 3, 2015

Radical Rainbows

Hey, everyone!

I tweaked my homemade sheer tints yet again and made them a little more vibrant and easy to work with, so I wanted to do a mani with them. And this was the result! Keep reading to find out more!

Oh my goodness, you guys! These nails were so distractingly beautiful when I was wearing them! My grandma even told me that these are some of her favorite nails I've ever done, and she usually likes more neutral nail designs (win!).

To start the design I painted all of my nails with two careful coats of Nfu Oh 061 and when that was dry I used my sheer tints to overlap and make a rainbow gradient across my nails.  I used Sunburn, Creamsicle, Sunshine, Garden Addict, Clear Skies, and Bloom. When I was happy with the color saturation, I allowed them to dry and then stamped a design in black using B Loves Plates B.03 Mind Blown and one of my Chelle We Stamp stamper heads. These stampers are seriously the best, y'all! Then I sealed everything with topcoat. Unfortunately, because Nfu Oh 061 is so picky, the holo didn't really show up much under the colors but it did still give it a glowing-from-within look so that was nice!

Materials Used
Nfu Oh 061
The Nail Smith Sunburn
The Nail Smith Creamsicle
The Nail Smith Sunshine
The Nail Smith Garden Addict
The Nail Smith Clear Skies
The Nail Smith Bloom
Franken black stamping polish
B. Loves Plates B.03 Mind Blown

This mani makes me want to play around even more with my sheer tints! What do you think of this look? Thanks for stopping by!

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