Saturday, September 19, 2015

HPB Presents Falling for Fall!

Hey, everyone!

Even though Northern California is still really warm right now (alas, that cool spell was too short this week...), Fall weather has started nearly everywhere else! So the theme for this month's Hobby Polish Bloggers link-up is inspired by Fall! Keep reading to learn more about the mani I created for this theme!

If you've never read one of my HPB link-up posts before, all you need to know about Hobby Polish Bloggers is that it's an amazing group of ladies who are all as obsessed with nail polish as I am - some even more so! We come to each other for advice, answers to questions, and all around friendship. These ladies are simply fantastic and I'm constantly learning new things from them!

For this look, I chose some of my favorite polishes for this time of year, as well as these water decals that I have been waiting to use since January - yes, JANUARY - when I ordered them from Born Pretty Store. Before even painting my nails, I used my nail mat to make some needle drag decals for my thumb, index, and ring fingers using OPI German-icure by OPI, China Glaze Cross Iron 360, and China Glaze Agro. While those were drying, I painted my pinky with two coats of German-icure by OPI and my middle finger with two coats (although I could have used one) of Agro. When those were completely dry, I applied a few of the water decals. After my needle drag decals were completely dry, I peeled them off my nail mat and applied them to my nails. For some reason, some of them turned out WAY better than others. My very very favorite was the one on my right hand index finger. I guess I need to practice some more!

Materials Used
OPI German-icure by OPI
China Glaze Cross Iron 360
China Glaze Agro
BPS water decals

I'm really anxious for Fall to really start here, mainly so we might have more rain. But also for cozy weather! Be sure to check out what the other lovely ladies did below for this month's link-up! Thanks for stopping by!

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