Saturday, August 22, 2015

Les Nail Smiths, August 2015: Mermaids!

Hey, everyone!

This month's Les Nail Smiths post is very special, as it marks the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Les Nail Smiths! I can't believe that Michelle of Le Lacquer Hookup and I have done 12 of these now! Sometimes it seems like a lot more, and sometimes not. But I'm glad we started doing this! Keep reading to find out more about this month's theme!

I've been looking forward to doing more mermaid nails for a while, and this month's theme was simply perfect for it! I swear this summer has been "The Summer of Mermaid Nails," judging from the rest of the nail art community! And I have no problem with that!

Since I already did some rainbow mermaid nails this summer, as well as some cool-toned ones, I thought I would create a warm-colored mermaid pattern for this mani. On my thumb, index, and pinky fingers, I started with a nude base using OPI My Very First Knockwurst, and used one coat of China Glaze Cross Iron 360 on my middle and ring fingers. I then applied some liquid latex around the nude based nails and did some stamper marbling using Del Sol Electrick and Orly It's Up to Blue before removing the latex. Then I stamped with Cross Iron 360 and a coral design from BM-510 onto my index and pinky fingers. For the scales, I used Hehe 005 and Essie Little Brown Dress and left the image on the stamper head. Yes, I used 4 different stamper heads for this bit! Then I painted a coat of Essie Shine of the Times over the scales, being careful not to smudge the lines. Next I used a detail brush and randomly filled in the scales with Polish Me Silly Dynamite, OPI Goldeneye, and Cross Iron 360. When all of the scales were dry but still slightly tacky, I pressed the stamper to the nail and applied pressure for a few moments before slowly and carefully rolling off. For the mermaid tail, I handpainted the design using the same colors as the scales. Finally I sealed everything with topcoat.

Materials Used
OPI My Very First Knockwurst
Del Sol Electrick
Orly It's Up to Blue
China Glaze Cross Iron 360
OPI Goldeneye
Polish Me Silly Dynamite
Essie Little Brown Dress
Essie Shine of the Times
Stamping plate Hehe 005
Stamping plate BM-510

I really love this mani, but what I love even more is that Michelle and I have such a great camaraderie - especially when it comes to anything nail and beauty related! I can't wait to see what the next year of Les Nail Smiths has in store for us! Be sure to check out her take on mermaid nail over on her blog! Thanks for stopping by!

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