Thursday, August 20, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review: BPS Brand Water Decals #2, Part 1

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Hey, everyone!

I know, the title is a mouthful. But I have some more water decals from Born Pretty Store to share with you today! Keep reading to find out more!

I know, more floral nails. But using water decals certainly takes the tediousness out of creating floral nail art!

This second sheet is in the style BP-W05 and can be purchased here for currently $2.99. Like the last set of water decals I reviewed from BPS, I like that this sheet has two different designs on the same sheet. For the first look, I used the kinda abstract brightly colored flower pattern on the top half of the sheet.

To start the nail art, I painted two coats of Sally Hansen White On on my index and ring finger, and two coats of Wet n Wild Black Creme on all my other nails. Then I applied liquid latex around all of my nails except the index finger. I proceeded to do some splatter art with a straw and a bunch of polishes, which I'll list below. After removing the liquid latex, I applied the water decal of my choice to my index finger. I cleaned up any excess on all my fingers and finished with top coat.

One thing I noticed about this design was that, while the black was good and opaque, the colors were very sheer, so if you want the same look as is shown on the sheet I would highly recommend applying these over a white base. In fact, the spot that has the white flower is actually a clear flower, and only shows white because of the white paper it was on and the white base color I used. It might be interesting to apply this over a glitter base, though!

On an unrelated note to the water decals, you might have noticed that my pictures have started looking a bit different. That's because I got a second OttLite bulb to use in a cheap clip-on desk lamp, so my picture setup is better than it was before. Yay! What do you think, do the pics look better?

Materials Used
Sally Hansen White On
Wet n Wild Black Creme
Sinful Colors Rise & Shine
Sally Hansen Lightening
Wet n Wild Nuclear War
OPI OPI... Eurso Euro
BPS water decals (BP-W05)

I hope you guys like this design! I really love getting to review things for Born Pretty Store and try products that I otherwise might not have. Don't forget to use the code below for 10% off your next order from Born Pretty Store! Thanks for stopping by!

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