Friday, May 29, 2015

Twinkle Toes Vortex

Hey, everyone!

I wanted to try a new polish I got as well as a new technique I've seen all over the nail art world, so that's how this mani came about. Keep reading to learn more!

When Polish Me Silly announced their new Spring collection and I found out that it mostly consisted of matte neon glitter toppers. I wasn't super impressed, since I already own Freckles and I think it's a pretty great neon topper. But then I saw Twinkle Toes and I fell in love! So many neon mixes have hot pink in them, and I'm not a big fan of pink. So I was pretty stoked to see a glitter topper with cool colors only! I wanted to not only test out this new polish but I also wanted to try out the radial gradient technique that I've been seeing everywhere lately. On to the nail art!

To start, I did two coats of Wet n Wild Black Creme on my index, middle, and pinky fingers, and one coat of Sally Hansen White On on my thumb and ring finger. When those were dry, I dabbed Twinkle Toes onto the black base. On the white base, I did a radial gradient. To do this, I used a makeup sponge and, instead of painting stripes of color onto it like a regular gradient, I painted a bullseye to get the radial effect. I used Finger Paints Silkscreen Green, Finger Paints Inkblot Blue, and China Glaze Grape Pop to match the color scheme of the glitters. After a few coats of the gradient, I sealed it with a topcoat. Then I stamped with black using B. Loves Plates B.03 Mind Blown over the gradient to get a cool vortex look.

I really love that Twinkle Toes is not-quite-neon but still shows up really well over a black base. I'm also a HUGE fan of this whole radial gradient thing and think it's especially effective when the colors fade from dark to light in the center or light to dark in the center. Pretty neat! And here's an even neater black light pic to show off the glowyness OOOOOH AAAAAAH!

Materials Used
Wet n Wild Black Creme
Sally Hansen White On
Polish Me Silly Twinkle Toes
Finger Paints Silkscreen Green
Finger Paints Inkblot Blue
China Glaze Grape Pop
B. Loves Plates B.03 Mind Blown

So there ya go! What do you think? I think cool gradient + cool glitter = cool nails! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That is so beautiful!!

  2. Thank you so much! I can't wait to try other color combos!

  3. The color combination and the contrast between them is a total eye catcher, and of course the hypnotic print too!

  4. Thank you! You are getting sleeeeepyyyyyy *waves nails in your face* haha jk jk