Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sutter Buttes Beauty

Hey, everyone!

Are you ever inspired by the nature around you? I sure am! This nail art is a result of that, so keep reading to find out more!

I mentioned before in my mustard field nail art post that my area is home to the smallest mountain range in the world - the Sutter Buttes! Fun fact: the Buttes are actually the remnants of a volcano that's been dormant for about 1.4 million years! I just adore these little mountains, and I love them even more when they're backlit by a pretty sunset! So that was my inspiration for this mani. My camera finds it difficult to capture sunset silhouettes, so I used the photo below for better reference (I got it from this website, gotta give credit where it's due!)

It was really tricky to get the gradient to blend correctly, I gotta say! But I did a lot of experimentation and I think I ended up using the most colors in a single gradient that I have ever used!

To start off, I painted two coats of Serum No. 5 Day Glow on all of my nails. When this was dry, I used a makeup sponge to do the gradient. Here are all of the polishes I used: Serum No. 5 Day Glow and Orange You Sunny?, Sinful Colors Island Coral, Maybelline Iced Queen, Essie Mezmerised, and Avon Inked Up. PHEW! That's a lot! I applied a few different coats of this gradient to get the smoothest look I could. When it was dry I carefully outlined the Buttes with Wet n Wild Black Creme and a detail brush. Then I mixed variations of white polish, Inked Up, and Day Glow to paint the tiny moon. I topped it all with top coat for the perfect finish.

This was my first real time playing around with my Serum No. 5 polishes and MAN, DO THEY GLOOOOOW! I had to sleep with my hands under my pillows for two or three nights just to get to sleep! Although it is pretty fun to have a personal rave at my fingertips every night...

Materials Used
Serum No. 5 Day Glow
Serum No. 5 Orange You Sunny?
Sinful Colors Island Coral
Maybelline Iced Queen
Essie Mezmerised
Avon Inked Up
Wet n Wild Black Creme
Sally Hansen White On

So what do you think? I know they just look like mountains to anybody who's not familiar with my beloved Buttes, but does it have the same shape at least? Let me know below! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I LOVE how it looks in the dark! And I told you that you'd love Serum No. 5 glow-in-the-dark polishes! ;)

  2. Thank you so much! These were some of my favorite nails I've done in a while simply because I love these little mountains! :-D