Monday, June 6, 2016

Born Pretty Store Review: Abstract Faceted Water Decals

*Provided for honest review*

Hey, everyone!

So, the school year is now over! That means that my recent job (long-term substituting) is over! And THAT means that I will now be bringing you regularly scheduled posts once again! First up is this long overdue review post for these lovely water decals from Born Pretty Store. Keep reading to find out more!

This set of water decals is perfect for summer, in my opinion! They make me think of a sparkling swimming pool. Speaking of which, I just took my first swim of the season today (Monday, that is), and oh goodness, it was glorious! Triple digit heat for about a week in a row reeeeally sucks!

You can find these water decals HERE for currently $1.25 per sheet (normally $1.92 each). The style I chose is style C133, although there are a few other pretty designs to choose from as well!

For this look, I first chose a few of the water decals to fit my index and ring fingers. I then began by painting two coats of Finger Paints Inkblot Blue onto my thumb, middle, and pinky fingers, and one coat of white on my index and ring fingers. When those were dry, I went ahead and applied the water decals using the standard method. Before topping with topcoat, I added a thin coat of Sweet Color #1 flakies polish over all my nails to add a bit of shimmer and sparkle!

These water decals are fairly sheer so they work best over a light colored base. Honestly I love how they look, they're very abstract and so colorful and bright for this warmer weather in Northern California! 

Materials Used
Finger Paints Inkblot Blue
Sweet Color #1
Wet n Wild French White Creme
Water decals from BPS

I'm really thrilled to be writing posts regularly again, at least for the time being. Look out for more cute designs coming soon! And if you order from Born Pretty Store in the near future, don't forget to use my code below for a discount. Thanks for stopping by!

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