Thursday, June 16, 2016

Blue Sparkles!

Hey everyone!

This was another mani that my boyfriend helped me put together. He chose the polish AND the image I stamped! I think he did a pretty good job! Keep reading to find out more!

My boyfriend likes blue a lot, so I showed him my blue polishes and he chose Ellage Sexy Old Girl - a very good choice indeed! This polish will always be one of my favorites, it's so sparkly and vibrant! Next, I showed him a few stamping plates, including B. Loves Plates B.03 Mind Blown. He chose the image that you see on my nails in the pics. Nice and geometric but with a funky twist! So for this look you're seeing 3 coats of Sexy Old Girl on all of my nails, and my index and ring fingers have that cool image stamped using white polish. Hmm, maybe I should have him help with my nails more often??

And, of course, I can never wear Sexy Old Girl without sharing a video of its divine sparkly nature!

Materials Used
Ellagee Sexy Old Girl
White franken stamping polish
B. Loves Plates B.03 Mind Blown

Do you think my beau did a good job of picking out this look? I certainly do! Thanks for stopping by!

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