Friday, December 30, 2016

Shattered Colors

Hey, everyone!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and have fun plans for bringing in the New Year! I did do another Christmas mani, but I'll share it sometime next week. For now, here's some fun blingy nails I did a few weeks ago. Keep reading for more info!

Personally, I like these better than my previous attempts at glass nails! I think the materials I used definitely made a difference!

I started with two coats of Essie Perennial Chic on all of my nails. It's seriously the perfect peachy nude to match my skin tone! As that was drying, I carefully cut some small pieces of iridescent hula hoop tape to fit what I had in mind. I got this hoop tape from, they have so many colors and patterns to choose from, and you can order sample strips of tape, too! When my base color was completely dry, I carefully placed the small pieces to get that iconic glass nails look. Then, I used some clear builder gel to get a perfectly smooth surface, since the tape is a bit thicker than regular cellophane.

I also made sure to wipe the tacky layer before all was said and done. These nails were so much fun to wear! I got so many compliments, and people asked me where I got them done (cue internal laughing hahahaha). Oh, and to show the awesome color shift, I have this video to share with you, too!

Materials Used
Essie Perennial Chic
IBD Clear Builder Gel
Hoop tape

I'm not sure if I'll post anything for New Year's Eve tomorrow, but I will eventually share what's on my nails! I hope that 2017 brings about some great things in all of you! Thanks for stopping by!

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