Thursday, December 31, 2015

... And a Happy New Year!

Hey, everyone!

Wow... where did 2015 go? Is it just me or has this year flown by faster than usual? Is it because I'm getting older? Say it isn't so! Whatever the case, here's the nails I did for welcoming the New Year! Keep reading to find out more!

I wanted to do something simple for my New Year's mani since I've been sick lately. Also, my left index nail broke really short last week, and I just haven't been motivated to do my nails. Long story short, I was nervously picking at it while watching the new Star Wars movie, and when I tried to use my Orly Nail Rescue kit to fix it, I was super klutzy and spilled my ENTIRE jar of repaid powder... sigh. BUT I realized I had some false nails in my nail supplies drawer, so I decided to pop one on until my natural nail grows out, and this way it'll be protected while it does so. I bet you wouldn't have known if I hadn't said anything! But I always wanna be honest with you, my lovely readers, so there you have it. It even feels like my real nail, too, so that's a plus! 

I started with two coats of Color Club Harp On It on all of my nails. I purchased it a few months ago as a backup/replacement for my beloved Nfu Oh 061, which is a little finicky at times and at least halfway empty at this point. Anyway, once Harp On It was dry, I used Cirque Colors XX to add some extra special sparkle. I did one dabbed coat on my thumb, index, and pinky nails, and then I did a glitter gradient on my middle finger. I only used this glitter topper occasionally because it was a gift from my gramma last Christmas and is my only Cirque Colors polish. But when I do wear it, it's so dazzling! Perfect for New Year's, am I right? And here's a sparkly video just cuz I love y'all!

Materials Used
Color Club Harp On It
Cirque Colors XX

Here's hoping that 2016 is a great year for all of you, and that you have some fantastically fun (but safe) celebrations tonight to ring in the New Year! Thanks for stopping by, and I'll see you in 2016!

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