Thursday, January 7, 2016

Les Nail Smiths, January 2016: BLING! & 200th Blog Post

Hey, everyone!

Still getting used to the whole "Hey, it's 2016 now!" thing... sigh. I'll get it down soon! Anyway, I also realized that my first post this wonderful new year ALSO happens to be my 200th blog post! What a wonderful coincidence! So for this month's theme for Les Nail Smiths, Michelle and I chose to do bling. Because, hey, sparkly things are great, right? So keep reading more for my take on this prompt!

To me, "bling" is on par with "holo" so that's the angle I chose for this mani. I started with a base of Sinful Colors Smokin and topped that with one coat of Finger Paints Meet Me at the Met. I did this because my bottle of Meet Me at the Met is getting low and I knew it takes a few coats to get opaque - problem solved! When that was dry, I did some glitter placement using some glitter from Twinkled T.

For the DNA strand, I tried foil stamping for the first time! I used my franken white stamping polish to pick up the image from Vivid Lacquer plate VL017, and right after I put it onto my little work mat (to make a decal, eventually) I applied this really cool holo stripe nail art foil over it. It was awesome! to create the decal part, I applied an aqua base that I received from Born Pretty Store (I'll have a review of it up soon, hopefully). It didn't dull the holo effect or make the foil shrivel at all! Then I waited for the decal to dry and applied it to my middle nail. I applied another coat of the aqua base over the entire nail, waited for it to dry - still nice and holo - and then applied Seche Vite. Aaaaand the holo went away. DANGIT! So next time I'll just stick to the aqua base and NOT mess it up with SV. Curses... oh well, it still looks cool, right?! And, of course, enjoy this obligatory sparkly video!

Materials Used
Sinful Colors Smokin
Finger Paints Meet Me at the Met
Twinkled T loose hex glitter
Vivid Lacquer VL017
Nail art foil
Aqua base

Love me some bling, don't you? Be sure to go check out Michelle's blingy and awesome nails over on her blog! Thanks for stopping by!

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