Saturday, January 30, 2016

Born Pretty Store Review: Cleanup Brush

*Provided for honest review*

Hey, everyone! This post is a review of two different items, actually. One is a brush that I was sent by Born Pretty Store to review, and the other is a gorgeous nail polish that I got as a belated Christmas gift from my bestie Michelle of Le Lacquer Hookup! Keep reading to find out more about these items!

I'm gonna quickly review this polish first so I can take my time reviewing the brush afterwards! This polish is Emily de Molly Erratic Behavior, and it was on my wishlist for a little while because I've been really searching for a great bold grass green linear holo polish. Michelle and I did a little gift exchange for Christmas this year and this is what she chose for me off my wishlist! Isn't she just the best?! The formula on this is absolutely amazing, two coats for perfect opacity, and OH MY GOODNESS THE HOLO!!! I'll include a video in this post so you can really see the magical goodness for yourself, because I can never capture holo very well in pictures. But anyway, I absolutely love this polish! Plus, I didn't notice ANY staining, which is always a plus.

For my first nail art with Erratic Behavior, I first applied two coats of this gorgeous polish on all of my nails. Then, using Sinful Colors Innocent, I stamped a leafy image onto my thumb, index, and ring fingers with Messy Mansion MM16. Then, using Innocent again, I stamped a leafy French tip onto my middle finger using Born Pretty Store plate BP19. On my index and ring fingers, I did another layer of stamping using Ya Qin An Green stamping polish and a kinda funky leaf image from Born Pretty Store BP-L015. To me it looks very natural and organic and I really like that! And here's the video I mentioned, too!

Alright, now onto my review of this brush from Born Pretty Store!

I've been using e.l.f. concealer brushes for cleanup for a few years now, and considering they're only $1, it's never been a huge deal to me that they get a bit chewed up by acetone after a while. But I kinda wanted a brush with a nice protective lid for travel and stuff, so I decided to try this brush from Born Pretty Store. It currently costs $3.03 (normally $4.27) and you can purchase it here.

I really love that the cap doubles as the handle for this brush, so that when you remove the cap you don't lose it on accident. Awesome design, and it makes it so nice and compact for travel! The material of the bristles isn't specified on the BPS website, but they are very soft! I'll be honest, at first I didn't like this brush. The bristles were quite a bit longer than what I'm used to, so I felt I wasn't getting the desired amount of pressure to cleanup around my nails. So I did something that lots of nail artists do with their brushes - I trimmed it! I was very careful to keep the same curve at the end, and now the bristles are much more to my liking and I like this brush a lot more for cleanup now! The pictures above were taken when I first received the brush, and the picture below was taken after trimming and using it to clean up after 3 or 4 manis. It seems to be holding up pretty well, I'd say! I'm looking forward to not having to replace this nearly as often as I do my normal cleanup brushes!

Materials Used
Emily de Molly Erratic Behavior
Sinful Colors Innocent
Ya Qin An Green
Messy Mansion MM16
Born Pretty Store BP19
Born Pretty Store BP-L015

Wow, double review post! I hope that wasn't too long, but I thought these two products belonged together for some reason. Go figure! If you guys are interested in shopping from Born Pretty Store, don't forget to use my code below for 10% off! Thanks for stopping by!

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