Thursday, December 24, 2015

HPB Presents: Merry Christmas!

Hey, everyone!

MERRY CHRISTMAS (EVE)! I thought I'd go ahead and share my Christmas mani today since I'll be busy with family shenanigans all day tomorrow. Also, this mani is my contribution to the Hobby Polish Bloggers link-up for this month! So keep on reading for all the info on these festive nails!

I just love the ladies in Hobby Polish Bloggers. This year I have learned so much with their help and encouragement, and it has made me enjoy blogging so much more overall! Love you all!

I didn't have much inspiration for holiday manis this year, so I just combined the few ideas I had into one mani. Also I've been busy so this way I got to try all the different looks I wanted at once! I started off with two coats of Virago Varnish Allure on all of my nails. I will never get over how incredible this polish is! It's so sparkly and jam-packed with sparkles. It does dry ever-so-slightly textured, but a coat of topcoat fixes that right away! For my left hand, I painted some Christmas lights on my index, middle, and pinky fingers. I did this by painting the black cord using Wet n Wild Black Creme, then painting the bulb shapes with Serum No. 5 Pure Glow Getter and then going over that with my DIY sheer tints in Sunburn and Garden Addict. On my thumb and middle finger, I stamped some Christmas trees using Ya Qin An Green stamping polish and Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP-L015.

On my right hand, I did the same stamping on my thumb and ring finger, and on my other nails I did one coat of KB Shimmer Kringle All the Way. I really love that each of my hands is different and yet all cohesive when you look at them together. Yay! Oh, and the bulbs glow slightly in the dark, too, which I love!

And of course, here's a video to show the amazing crushed diamond sparkly-ness of Allure and Kringle All the Way!

Materials Used
Virago Varnish Allure
Wet n Wild Black Creme
Serum No. 5 Pure Glow Getter
The Nail Smith Sunburn
The Nail Smith Garden Addict
Ya Qin An Green
KB Shimmer Kringle All the Way
Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP-L015

I hope you all have a great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, whatever you have planned! Be sure and check out the other ladies' designs for this month by clicking on their links below. Thanks for stopping by!

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