Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Les Nail Smiths, December 2015: Glass Nails!

Hey, everyone!

Remember when I tried glass nails a while ago? Well, I wanted to give them another go, and it turns out that Michelle wanted to try them for this month's Les Nail Smiths prompt, so it was perfect timing! Keep reading to see how I improved my glass nails look from last time!

I wasn't super pleased with my first attempt at glass nails, mainly because my iridescent cellophane wasn't super nice and flat but rather wrinkled. But after talking with Michelle and researching what other nail artists were using, I decided to order some hoop tape samples. That's right, special tape for hula hoops. You can get such tape at hoopsupplies.com, and you can find it in TONS of different finishes and colors! You also get extra samples with every order so it's really worth your money in terms of nail art decorations! I got a couple iridescent, mirror, and holo tapes, so I decided to use one of the iridescent ones and one of the mirror ones in this look. 

I started with two buttery coats of OPI OPI... Eurso Euro on all of my nails. I just gotta say how much I love this perfect royal blue. It's got the brightness of a cobalt blue but the darkness of a navy blue, and just wow. I love it every time I wear it!

While the blue base was still dentable, I cut my pieces of "Gecko Deco" and "Silver Mirror" hoop tape and carefully placed them on my nails. I even pressed them into the slightly wet polish to get them to lay a little flatter. That's the one downside to glass nails - unless you do a gel topcoat, they tend to not be SUPER smooth. After placing all the tiny shards of shiny tape, I applied two generous layers of Seche Vite, letting the first coat dry completely before applying the second one. Oh, and I couldn't leave you guys without a color shifty video!

Materials Used
OPI OPI... Eurso Euro
"Gecko Deco" hoop tape
"Silver Mirror" hoop tape

I feel like I should have just stuck with using the "Gecko Deco" tape for this look, what do you guys think? Be sure and head over to Michelle's blog to check out her beautiful take on this trend! Thanks for stopping by!

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