Sunday, December 13, 2015

Something Simple

Hey, everyone!

Sorry for not posting in a bit, I've been very busy being an in-demand substitute teacher! This last week was so busy, and I've been exhausted at the end of every day, but it's also been a blast so far. Anyway, I did these nails a couple weeks ago so keep reading and enjoy!

Can you tell yet that I have been loving OPI It's a Piazza Cake lately? No? Well look, here's ANOTHER mani I created with it! It's just such a rich, yummy, perfect-for-this-time-of-year burnt orange. And I'll probably take a break from it in a while but TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY.

I started with two coats of It's a Piazza Cake on all nails but my ring finger, on which I used Essie Leggy Legend. These two colors were just made for each other, I think! They complement each other so well. When the base color was dry, I used Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP66 and Leggy Legend to stamp a neat geometric design over the orange. Nice and subtle, don't you think?

Materials Used
OPI It's a Piazza Cake
Essie Leggy Legend
Stamping plate BP66

I really REALLY loved how simple this mani was. Very orange, very ME. I know, I've used a lot of caps lock in this post. Oh well! Thanks for stopping by!

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