Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Police Line, Do Not Cross!

Hey, everyone!

I bet you're wondering why I haven't posted any holiday nails yet. Well, I'll be honest with you (get ready for a possibly unpopular opinion - I'm pretty sick of holiday nail art and have been for at least two weeks now. Yes, all the holiday and winter nails I've seen are incredibly pretty, but I feel like I've only seen a small handful of non-holiday nail art since Thanksgiving! I'm so burned out on it already, I'm sorry to say. So I'll only be posting one Christmas mani on Christmas Eve and one New Year's mani on New Year's Eve. Just a heads up. Anyway, rant OVER, on to my nail art for today! Keep reading to find out how I got this look.

I know these probably would have been better suited for Halloween, but I didn't get this stamping plate in time so I figured "Eh, what the heck!" and decided to share this mani with you now anyway. I started with two coats of Wet n Wild French White Creme on my thumb, index, and pinky fingers, and two coats of Sally Hansen Lightning on my middle and ring fingers. When those were completely dry. I stamped the "DO NOT CROSS" image using black polish and Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP66. On my thumb and pinky, I stamped an image to look like blood spatter using Orly Red Flare and Vivid Lacquer plate VL018. For my index finger, I dabbed some of Red Flare onto my work surface, lightly pressed my finger into it, blotted off the excess, and carefully pressed my "bloody" fingerprint onto my index nail. Pretty cool, huh?

Materials Used
Wet n Wild French White Creme
Sally Hansen Lightning
Orly Red Flare
Franken black stamping polish
Stamping plate BP66
Stamping plate VL018

I hope you like these oddball nails, I really enjoyed wearing them! Thanks for stopping by!

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