Saturday, May 31, 2014

Orange and Black Chemistry

Hey, everyone!

I did these nails for my role as Student Representative of the Chemistry Department at my university. Read more to find out how I achieved this look!

One of my roles as Student Representative at school was to help with events like Preview Day, where potential students of the university could come to campus, meet professors and current students, and have any questions answered that they may have. As rep for the Chemistry Department, obviously I wanted to show some chemistry pride as well as school pride, so I went for this awesome design. 

I used black crackle polish over my thumb, middle, and pinky fingers to get a faux tiger stripe look. On my index finger, I repeatedly stamped the atom design from LeaLaC stamping plate LLC8. I'm pretty sure you can't get this plate any more, I've tried looking multiple times. See the image below for what the plate looks like! On my ring finger I repeatedly stamped one of the Erlenmeyer flask designs from the same stamping plate. Then I framed both of those nails with black polish. 

Colors Used
Essie Orange, It's Obvious!
Sinful Colors Black on Black
Pure Ice Strobelight

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