Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Fathoms Below!

Hey, everyone!

Remember those cool watercolor water decals I reviewed for Born Pretty Store a while ago? I thought it would be fun to pair those with some cute fishies! And thus, this mani was born. Keep reading to find out more!

I kinda made up this design as I went, and you know what? I ended up absolutely loving the outcome! The finished product made me feel like I needed to watch a Disney movie!

To start things off, I painted all of my nails with two careful coats of Sally Hansen Cobalt Chrome. This polish is nearly as mirror-like as some of the chrome powders I've seen! After that was completely dry, I realized that the bubble water decals might not show up very well on this base. So next, I used the stamper marble or smoosh marble technique to marble clear polish and white together to make a sort of translucent/foamy white layer on all of my nails. It created such a cool effect! I'll definitely have to remember this!

Next, I went ahead and applied my water decals like I usually do. I put them in random spots on each nail for an organic feel. Finally, I stamped on a few little schools of fish using Sally Hansen Lightening and Bundle Monster plate BM-501. Aren't they just adorable?! My favorite is the lone little fishy on my middle nail!

This mani caught the light in a really pretty way, so I just had to get a quick little Boomerang video. I really love that feature on Instagram now, don't you?

Materials Used
Sally Hansen Cobalt Chrome
Sally Hansen Lightening
Wet n Wild Clear
Wet n Wild French White Creme
Born Pretty Store water decals

What do you think of this design? I know it's not very seasonally appropriate (at least for Northern California), but I needed a change of scenery! Thanks for stopping by!

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