Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review: Spike Studs

*Provided for honest review*

Hey, everyone!

I have another round of review items from Born Pretty Store to share with you, and today's item is really awesome! They're little spike studs and if you keep reading I'll tell you more!

Since I've been pretty into 3D nail decorations lately, I was really happy to have the chance to try out these spike studs. They're available here, and I got mine in silver but you can also choose from gold or dark grey. You get 100 studs for $4.33, and from what I can tell you can reuse them after you're done with them just by cleaning them with acetone. Each spike is 2.5x2mm in size, and you can see a size comparison with a dime below. They're SUPER tiny!

Something I noticed about these is that they have a pretty tall profile, especially compared to plain studs or rhinestones. Which makes them a little tricky for daily wear, because they're pretty dang pointy! I ended up taking them off before bed because I was afraid I'd hurt myself in my sleep. BUT these are still great for special occasions or costume looks! So I have no doubt that I will use them more.

I wanted to go for a goth/grunge kind of look, so I paired the spikes with my skeleton hand charms and they looked great together! I did one coat of A England St. George on my index and ring fingers, and one coat of Essie No Place Like Chrome on my thumb, middle, and pinky fingers. Then on my silver nails I used St. George and Wet n Wild Black Creme to dry brush a distressed look. After sealing with a topcoat, I used some nail glue to secure the studs and charms to my index, middle, and ring fingers.

In these pictures you get an idea of how tall and pointy the spike studs are from a slight side view. They look so cool, don't you think?

Materials Used
A England St. George
Essie No Place Like Chrome
Wet n Wild Black Creme
Skeleton hand charms
Born Pretty Store spike studs

I definitely like the way these studs look, and because they have a flat bottom and not a hollow one it makes them easy to secure to your nail. But I think I'll only wear them for special looks, for safety's sake! Don't forget to use the code below to get 10% off your next Born Pretty Store order! Thanks for stopping by!

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