Saturday, June 6, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review: Metal Rectangle Nail Decorations

*Provided for honest review*

Hey, everyone!

I have another product from Born Pretty Store to review today! It's pretty similar to my post from Tuesday but still fun! Keep reading to learn more!

These are actually the same product as the triangles I reviewed earlier this week, but in a different style, obviously. These tiny rectangles are 50Pcs Bowknot Triangle Nail Sparkles Ultrathin 3D UV Gel Nail Art Decorations in style #98 and can be found here for currently $2.53. Like with the triangles, I didn't bother counting them out, but I'm sure there's at least 50.

Again, like the triangle version, these rectangles arrived in a little baggie and I transferred them to an empty spot in my nail decorations wheel for easier storage. I didn't notice that as many of these were bent as the triangles were upon arrival, so that's a plus! I also noticed that I didn't have quite the snagging issue with these ones as I did with the triangles. Perhaps the 90° corners on the rectangles were less prone to snagging than the 60° corners on the triangles? 

For my nail art look I painted two coats of China Glaze Agro on all my nails. I always forget how gorgeous and smooth this polish is! On my thumb, index, and ring fingers, I used Agro, China Glaze Mahogany Magic, and Essie Little Brown Dress with my stamper head to do a simple marble of color. Then on those same nails I applied a bit of topcoat and used my wax pencil to apply a rectangle to each nail. I applied one coat of topcoat and DONE!

Materials Used
China Glaze Agro
China Glaze Mahogany Magic
Essie Little Brown Dress
Born Pretty Store rectangle decorations

Overall I really loved these little metal nail decorations, especially with the earth tones I picked! I originally wanted the marbled nails to look like tortoiseshell or something like that but they ended up looking like designer camo nails, I think! Be sure to use the coupon code below on your next order from Born Pretty Store, and you'll get 10% off your order! Thanks for stopping by!

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