Thursday, September 11, 2014

Textured and Lacey

Hey, everyone!

Yeah, I know, I really need to work on my post titles... it's just so hard to come up with something clever AND relevant! Anyway, I did some more playing around with a new stamping plate, so check it out below!

I know what you're thinking... MORE stamping??? YES, MORE STAMPING! Since I've finally gotten the hang of it and all that jazz, I figured I need to practice. But don't worry, I've got other genres of nail art coming soon, I promise!

I wanted to do something other than simply white lace stamping, and I also wanted to use my new bottle of OPI My Vampire is Buff, so I decided on this color combination. It worked out perfectly, because the polish that I used to stamp (China Glaze Custom Kicks) not only had just enough of a pop of color to be interesting, but it also exactly matches one of the few texture polishes I own, Milani Texture Aqua Splash. I gotta say, MViB is a wonderfully lovely neutral polish! I stamped the lace pattern using Messy Mansion stamping plate MM44, which is unbelievably detailed and probably the only lace stamping plate I will ever use from now on (not that I have others, but whatever)!

Materials Used
OPI My Vampire is Buff
China Glaze Custom Kicks
Milani Texture Aqua Splash
Stamping plate MM44

Thanks for stopping by!

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