Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Glitter by TwinkledT Glitter Placement and Review (Black Diamond)


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Today's post is a review of some awesome glitter that I purchased from TwinkledT over on Etsy. She's got more glitters than you could imagine in every color of the rainbow, and I just couldn't resist picking up a few! Keep reading to find out what I thought!

I purchased two glitters from TwinkledT, but this post will only focus on one (don't worry, the other is coming in the near future). For this post, I'll be reviewing Black Diamond, a beautiful holographic black hex glitter that is 0.08" in size. I mainly ordered these because I thought it would be a fresh twist on the usual silver holo glitter that I use, but also because it's much bigger that the hex glitter I'm used to. I was hoping the larger size would make it easier to do glitter placements, and I was not disappointed!

Usually I'm too intimidated by my usual hex glitter to do a full nail glitter placement, but with this glitter I was just excited! I even went so far as to trim some pieces to fit my nail shape. Another thing I noticed was that the amount of glitter I got seemed like a HUGE amount! The little baggie that it came in (shown in the first picture) was absolutely full to the brim with these little lovelies! I ended up transferring them to a medium plastic pot (like you usually see loose glitter in), but only for convenience. The baggie it came in was very sturdy and I think you could definitely use it for permanent storage if you so desire.

The first two pictures in this post were taken in direct artificial light (aka my desk lamp), while the other two were taken in my light box. Even in indirect light, it's really easy to see the holo effect of this glitter. And just for fun, I have a short video at the end of the post that shows just how crazy beautiful it is on my nail!

Overall, I'm really pleased with this purchase. You get a lot for what you pay, and the glitter is very good quality. You can purchase it here, and I highly suggest checking it out if you love sparkly things!

Materials Used
OPI I Saw... U Saw... We Saw... Warsaw
TwinkledT Black Diamond glitter

Also, you may notice I'm back to rounds. Too many broken nails mean square nails and I are no longer friends!

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