Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Grunge With a Touch of Elegance

Hey, everyone!

Sorry this post is a bit late today. My laptop decided it wanted to take a reeeeeally long time to download and install updates. Drats... Anyway, keep reading to find out more about this look on my nails!

If you're wondering why there are train tracks in the background of these pictures, it's because i did these nails while I was at my boyfriend's house in Berkeley last week. And I forgot to take pictures of them until I was on the train platform on our way to Monterey for a few days. But actually, I like this as a background, so it works out fine!

I received my newest MoYou London plates the night before I left to go to Berkeley, so I didn't have time to play around with them before I left. Solution? I took them with me to test and play with instead! And oh my goodness, are these plates fantastic! I ended up getting plate #4 from the Alice collection, plate #8 from the Fashionista collection (currently out of stock), plate #5 from the Games collection, and finally plate #5 from the Gothic collection, which I used for this mani. This Gothic plate has been out of stock FOREVER, so when it was recently restocked I quickly snatched it up along with the other 3 plates!

I started by painting my index, middle, and pinky fingers with Wet n Wild Black Creme (just one coat, it's so wonderful!), and my thumb and ring finger with two coats of Finger Paints Meet Me at the Met. When those were dry, I used a dry brush technique to add MMatM and Essie No Place Like Chrome to the black-based nails, and just NPLC to the other fingers. Next, I used Black Creme to stamp the lacy skull from the stamping plate, and I used the advanced stamping technique and NPLC to give a silver background to the skull. Once it was dry enough, I stamped it onto my thumb. I ended up adding a black outline to it to help it stand out a little more. I repeated this process for the lacy design on my ring finger as well. For my first try at advanced stamping, I'd say I did pretty well!

And just because I ended up liking my right hand better, here's some shots of my Cinderella hand. It doesn't get enough love on my blog!

Overall I really like the way these turned out and I'm liking dry brushing more and more. It just gives such an interesting look to nails!

Materials Used
Finger Paints Meet Me at the Met
Wet n Wild Black Creme
Essie No Place Like Chrome
MoYou London Gothic collection, plate #5

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