Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Hey, everyone!

Do any of you have a nail polish that you really only use once a year for like a holiday or something like that? I do! It's KBShimmer Kringle All the Way! I love this glitter polish so much but I only really use it at Christmas time because, well, it's a Christmas glitter! But recently I got it into my head that it also reminds me of a fiesta, and so this mani was born. Keep reading to see how I got this look!

I started this design by painting my thumb, index, and ring fingers with two coats of Sally Hansen Lightening and my middle and pinky fingers with two coats of Sinful Colors Innocent. Great colors, but oh man they stain like crazy, which of course I forgot until I took them off... grr! When they were dry, I dabbed on Kringle All the Way onto all my nails, only applying it to the tips on my index and middle fingers. Once that was dry, I painted a pepper on my index finger using Orly Red Flare and Sinful Colors Exotic Green. After that, I painted a tiny delicious looking taco on my middle finger, using Lightening, China Glaze Mahogany Magic, a bit of Red Flare mixed with Lightening, and a dab of Exotic Green mixed with Innocent. I finished everything off with a generous amount of topcoat so the glitters didn't feel too chunky.

Materials Used
KBShimmer Kringle All the Way
Sally Hansen Lightening
Sinful Colors Innocent
Sinful Colors Exotic Green
China Glaze Mahogany Magic
Orly Red Flare

Not gonna lie, I was craving tacos the entire time I wore this design. I suppose I brought it upon myself. Also, I'm finally getting the hang of using Gimp to edit my photos for more color consistency and accuracy. Have you noticed a difference? I've only done it for the last few posts, but so far I really like it! Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

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