Saturday, September 24, 2016

One Lemming Off My List!

Hey, everyone!

This post is (again) long overdue... it was originally planned to celebrate my one year anniversary on Instagram, but that day was on July 16th. Oh well! My very first post on Instagram was for my Vampire Squid nails, which I still absolutely love. And, coincidentally, on July 16th of this year I received a polish in the mail that has been on my lemmings list for quite a long time - Illyrian Polish Vampire Squid! Keep reading for more info!

I've been wanting this polish for a very long time, and of course as soon as I became aware of its existence, it was discontinued and became pretty much impossible to find. UNTIL Illyrian Polish decided to bring it back in very limited quantities this summer for a single shop update. SUCCESS! I just love this shade of almost berry red, and the glitters in it are perfect: red holos and blue iridescent bits to mimic the glowing tentacle tips and eyes of the actual Vampire Squid! Also, this is I think my first ever macro so apologies if it's not perfect. But just look at that depth!!! This is just two lovely coats of this polish, with topcoat.

I wanted to accentuate the hints of blue in this polish, so I stamped some tentacles on my index and ring fingers using Bundle Monster plate BM-506. I stamped this image first with Sally Hansen The Sky's the Limit and then with Sinful Colors Endless Blue. I've never double stamped quite like this before but I really love how it turned out!

Materials Used
Illyrian Polish Vampire Squid
Sally Hansen The Sky's the Limit
Sinful Colors Endless Blue
Bundle Monster BM-506

What do you think of this nail art and this polish? Personally, I loved this whole look! I definitely need to wear reds more often! Thanks for stopping by!

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