Monday, September 5, 2016

Abalone on Abalone Shores

Hey, everyone!

Look, two posts in one week! WHAAAAT?! I'm trying to catch up with my backlog of pictures, so that means actually posting them and not letting them sit in a lonely folder on my computer. This design is probably about a month or so old, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! Keep reading for all the details!

Also, I'm not sure why my camera had such a hard time focusing on these nails, but it was super annoying... so I apologize for the slightly fuzzy images!

To start this design, I applied two coats of Lost on Abalone Shores onto my index and ring fingers, and two (or three?) coats of ILNP Mutagen on all my other nails. On those nails, I then stamped some mermaid-y scales using Essie No Place Like Chrome and stamping plate hēhē 005. After applying topcoat and allowing it to dry completely, I used a buffer on my ring finger and applied some builder gel all over the nail. I added some abalone pieces from Athena Rocks, as well as some half pearls and other little caviar beads, cured it under my UV flashlight, and then applied another thin layer of builder gel to seal it all in nicely. 

I'm really glad that I thought to pair Lost on Abalone Shores with my actual abalone pieces! And don't you think that Mutagen goes with this polish really well also? The shifts compliment each other so nicely! And guess what? Even after my nails were all chipped and flaking from moving at this time, that ring finger nail was absolutely unscathed for about TWO WEEKS! I was incredibly impressed!

Materials Used
Hare Polish Lost on Abalone Shores
ILNP Mutagen
Essie No Place Like Chrome
IBD Clear Builder Gel
Misc nail decorations
Stamping plate hēhē 005 

I absolutely loved how these nails turned out! They made me feel more like a mermaid than any other mermaid themed nails I've done. What do you think of these? Be sure and let me know below! Thanks for stopping by!

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