Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Holo!

Hey, everyone!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you all! This is one of my favorite holidays of the year, and it always puts me in a good mood. Maybe because Spring is starting to show itself around this time of year and the weather is just so nice. Anyway, I love it! Keep reading to find out more about my nail art I created for today!

Before I get into my nail art, I just have to say something about Saint Patrick's Day. I know a lot of people use four leaf clovers in decorations and such for today, but that's technically incorrect. Shamrocks, the clovers with only three leaves, are supposed to be associated with Saint Patrick, because that's what he used to teach the idea of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) to the pagans of Ireland in order to teach them Christianity. However, I understand that "the luck o' the Irish" and four leaf clovers tend to go together on Saint Patrick's Day, so I still enjoy all the nail art and things I see with four leaf clovers for today, but I wanted to share the whole shamrock story anyway!

Alright, nail art time! I started by painting my index, middle, and pinky fingers with one coat of Emily de Molly Erratic Behavior and a coat of Girly Bits Pirate Booty on my thumb and ring finger. Then I sponged a gradient of Erratic Behavior and Color Club Kismet onto my green nails, and I sponged on a couple layers of Pirate Booty onto my gold nails to get major glitter payoff. I'm really not sure why Kismet looks silver in this mani instead of the light green/gold that it is in the bottle, but oh well. Next, I stamped some Celtic knots onto my gradient nails using MoYou London Gothic #2, Ya Qin An Green stamping polish, and my clear stamper that I received to review from Born Pretty Store (I'll do a review in the near future for it!). I then used the same stamping polish to hand paint some shamrocks onto my gold nails. I sealed everything with topcoat to finish. Check out how sparkly these are below!

Materials Used
Emily de Molly Erratic Behavior
Color Club Kismet
Girly Bits Pirate Booty
Ya Qin An Green
MoYou London Gothic #2
BPS clear stamper

I hope you all are having a fantastic Saint Patrick's Day! Thanks for stopping by!

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