Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My Top 20 (Right Now)

Hey, everyone!

I hope you've all been having a good week so far! This post is something that my friend Michelle or Le Lacquer Hookup encouraged me to make - my favorite 20 polishes in my collection! Keep reading to see my picks and also the many pictures I took!

Michelle has been going through the process of destashing a HUGE portion of her nail polish collection the last few months, and it got us talking about what we thought would be the smallest collection we could survive with (we're definitely addicts... oh well!). I decided I'd be content with 20 polishes, not including base coats and top coats, of course. All of these (except the glitter toppers) are shown with two coats and no topcoat. So let's get right into it!

  • (Index) OPI Skyfall - This polish is just such an elegant shade of burgundy and is great for all seasons! Like all my OPI polishes, the formula is perfect. 
  • (Middle) China Glaze Salsa - My perfect red. Not too pink, not too orange, just right! Great formula.
  • (Ring) OPI It's a Piazza Cake - I'm a sucker for orange. And this gorgeous burnt orange is so stunning! Smooth formula.
  • (Pinky) China Glaze Agro - I'll admit, I don't often wear green polish, but this one has so much character and depth and I love it to bits. 

  • (Index) OPI Mermaid's Tears - How could I not include this beauty in my Top 20??? When my first bottle of it broke I had no idea how LE it was and when I got around to looking for a replacement I definitely had a hard time! But I love this shade of green, like vintage mint. Very classy! Wonderful formula, too.
  • (Middle) China Glaze Custom Kicks - Turquoise is one of my favorite colors, and I like that this polish has the subtlest of gold shimmer to it. This one DOES stain some, though, but I think the color is worth it (just remember to double up on basecoat!). 
  • (Ring) OPI Can't Find My Czechbook - A lovely sky blue with a touch of dustiness to it. Such a nice balance between bright and soft. Again, great formula from OPI.
  • (Pinky) Sinful Colors Endless Blue - Some consider this a dupe for the Sally Hansen Pacific Blue original formula. I've never seen them side by side in person, but this is definitely a breathtaking bright cobalt blue and I love it! It does have that weird smell that a lot of bright blue polishes have, though, just as a heads up. 

  • (Index) Sally Hansen Celeb City - A super reflective and fantastic silver foil polish. Yes, it's a pain to take off unless you use a peel-off base, but it's really pretty and has some great depth!
  • (Middle) OPI Goldeneye - I find myself using this gold polish more than any other I own. I think it's almost halfway gone! It's a foil polish with mostly gold bits but also a scattering of bronze-y bits, too, so it gives this really cool almost organic look. Like Celeb City, it's also a mess to remove, but oh well! 
  • (Ring) Polish Me Silly Dynamite - I couldn't resist putting a couple multichromes on this list! I love Dynamite because it's so orange-y and just absolutely gorgeous! Reminds me of Autumn every time I wear it. Shifts from coppery red through orange and gold to even light green.
  • (Pinky) ILNP Birefringence - This was the first indie polish I ever bought and every time I wear it I'm so distracted by its beauty! Shifts from a pretty blue through purple and magenta and sometimes orange/gold.

  • (Index) Wet n Wild French White Creme - Everyone needs a good white polish, I think! I like this one because it's only $0.99 per bottle and I get no streaks in 2 coats. I go through a LOT of white (and black) polish!
  • (Middle) OPI My Vampire is Buff - A nice palette cleanser, and my favorite FAVORITE neutral polish! Again, great OPI formula on this one.
  • (Ring) Maybelline Audacious Asphalt - This is my second bottle of this polish, it's just such a great soft shade of grey and has a really nice formula. 
  • (Pinky) Wet n Wild Black Creme - Everyone also needs a good black polish! Oddly enough, I'll do black nails as a palette cleanser as often as I'll do nude ones. Black is just so cool! Also just as cheap as French White Creme.

  • (Index) Colors by Llarowe Davros - Not only is this one Doctor Who related, but it's such a pretty mix of multicolored flakies! Perfect sized particles, in my opinion. One coat over black, with topcoat.
  • (Middle) Fair Maiden Polish Fairy Godmother - A topcoat that makes ANY polish into a linear holographic one! Oh, the possibilities! One coat over black, with topcoat.
  • (Ring) Virago Varnish Allure - A scattered holo microglitter polish. It dries almost slightly textured but a generous topcoat smooths it all out. Two coats alone, with topcoat.
  • (Pinky) China Glaze Fairy Dust - And last but certainly not least, this fantastic holo glitter topper. Remember, when in doubt, "Fairy Dust that sh*t!" (Thanks to The Mercurial Magpie for her *ahem* colorful description of this magical polish). I love this polish so much that my bottle is over halfway empty!

And of course, a quick video of these lovely glitter toppers to show just how incredible they are!

I honestly think I'd be pretty happy with these polishes if they were the only ones in my collection. Does that mean I'm going to get rid of all my others right this moment? Of course not! But I had fun making this post anyway. I also now understand why I don't do swatch posts. It's because it's a pain in the butt! So props to those who do it all the time. Anyway, what do you think of my picks? What are some of your favorites from my list? Let me know below! Thanks for stopping by!

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