Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Top o' the mornin' to ye, lads and lassies!

It's Saint Patrick's Day! An all around happy holiday, in my opinion. And today I have for you a simple festive manicure. Keep reading to find out more!

By the way, at the time this is posted I'll actually be at my first day of work at Sunsweet! Which means these beauties will be nothing but pictures and memories since I'm not allowed to wear polish at work... oh well, they were fun while they lasted! I was inspired to do these by so many of the cute watermarbles I've seen lately. I have had ZERO luck with watermarbling in the past, but I figured I'd give it another shot, especially since I have liquid latex now to make cleanup easier!

I started off by painting all nails but my ring finger with three careful coats of OPI Goldeneye, which I think is my favorite gold polish ever. It's SO PRETTY. On my ring finger I painted two coats of Sinful Colors Olympia and while it was drying masked my finger with liquid latex covering past my first knuckle. Then I did a simple flower watermarble pattern using a needle and concentric circles of Finger Paints Monet Money, Sinful Colors Exotic Green, and Olympia, respectively. When I had the design I was happy with, I lined up my finger and carefully dipped it into the design at an angle, gathered the excess polish on the water surface using an orange wood stick, and carefully pulled my finger out of the water. I'M SO HAPPY WITH THE RESULT!!! SUCCESS!!! I added some simple dots for extra effect using Goldeneye and a dotting tool. For the green beer, I used white polish to stamp a beer mug from Winstonia stamping plate W105 and I filled in the colors using Exotic Green and OPI My Vampire is Buff and an advanced stamping method. I then carefully applied it to my index finger and sealed all my nails with topcoat. And if you look below, even the watermarble on my right hand turned out well! YAY!

Materials Used
OPI Goldeneye
OPI My Vampire is Buff
Sinful Colors Olympia
Sinful Colors Exotic Green
Finger Paints Monet Money
franken white stamping polish
Winstonia stamping plate W105
liquid latex

 So I hope you all have a very lucky and great day! Be sure and wear green or you'll get pinched! Cheers, all! Thanks for stopping by!

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