Sunday, November 27, 2016

Shiny Chromium

Hey, everyone!

This manicure is a few months old, actually... I wore it way back when I was still testing the Mirror Powder I was sent to review for Born Pretty Store (my full review is HERE!). My application technique has actually gotten a lot better since this first attempt at using it, but I thought I'd share anyway! Keep reading for all the deets!

I wanted to go for a nice minimal look so that the mirror powder really got the spotlight in this mani. I started with a black base on my middle and ring fingers and two coats of China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle on my thumb, index, and pinky fingers. On my index finger, I then stamped some periodic table elements using Essie No Place Like Chrome and Vivid Lacquer stamping plate VL017. If you look closely, the element at the middle top of my nail is actually chromium, Cr (24)!

On my middle and ring fingers, I waited for the black base coat to dry completely and then applied one thin coat of Born Pretty Store's UV gel topcoat and cured it with my UV flashlight. I then put some liquid latex around my cuticles and when it was dry I applied the mirror powder as I described in my full review. To seal it, I used an aqua base polish and then Seche Vite when it was completely dry. 

I think it's funny that you can see my camera reflected in my nails - shows how truly mirror-like this powder really is! I really loved this color combo and I can't wait to keep coming up with other ways to use this mirror powder. And, like I said, I've perfected my chrome application even more since this mani so future pics will be even more spectacular!

Materials Used
China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle
Wet n Wild Black Creme
BPS Mirror Powder
BPS UV gel topcoat
BPS Aqua base coat
Stamping plate VL017

I hope you guys liked this quite literal take on the chrome trend. Thanks for stopping by!

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