Monday, October 31, 2016


Hey, everyone!

Happy Holo-ween! That's the holographic version of Halloween, for those who don't know! I didn't have the time or inspiration to do nearly as many Halloween designs this year, but I really like the ones I was able to do. Keep reading for all the details on this design!

It's been really rainy here lately, so I wanted an excuse to put some holo on my nails. I started with one coat of OPI It's a Piazza Cake on all of my nails, followed by one coat of Jade Uau!. By layering the polishes like this, I get a richer color than if I had just applied Uau! by itself. When this was dry, I stamped a sort of fancy grid pattern using Color Club Beyond and MoYou London Gothic #5 onto my thumb, middle, and ring fingers. Then, I stamped some bats using the same stamping plate and black polish. I also stamped some single bats onto my index and pinky fingers. Boom! DONE!

I mean, how could I let Halloween pass by without putting adorable little bats on my nails? I wear and decorate with bats all year round, so I love looking for excuses to incorporate them into my nail art. Obsessed? No, I simply love bats!

And here, enjoy a super sparkly video of this amazing mani! Sorry, I'm just excited because IT'S HALLOWEEN, EVERYBODY!!!

Materials Used
OPI It's a Piazza Cake
Jade Uau!
Color Club Beyond
Black stamping polish
MoYou London Gothic plate #5

I hope you all have fun plans for today, even if they're not Halloween-related! Thanks for stopping by!

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