Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lacey with a Bit of Holo

Hey, everyone!

I was feeling a vibe of elegance when coming up with this mani, so this one is a bit more delicate than most designs I wear. Keep reading to find out more!

I came to two realizations while wearing this manicure. The first was that I need to do French tips more often because OH MY GOODNESS, YES! And the second was that holographic polish makes everything one million times better! Anyway, on to how I got this look. After my (always) base coat was dry, I did two coats of Color Club Eternal Beauty on my thumb and ring finger, and between 3 and 4 coats of a self-made sheer black franken polish on my other fingers. I followed the sheer black with a thin coat of Fair Maiden Polish Fairy Godmother holo topcoat (are you getting tired of me using this yet? TOO BAD!). When all of my nails were dry, I then used my liquid latex (about which I will be sharing in tomorrow's post) to mask off my nail tips for French tips. Then I simply peeled off the latex and instant clean tip! Then I stamped using black polish and Messy Mansion stamping plate #44, which is the only lace stamping plate I will ever need, it's so perfect! I finished off with topcoat, cleaned up, and called it good. Unfortunately, we've had pretty cloudy weather lately so no sunshine pics... sadness! Overall I really liked wearing this look and will definitely keep it in mind for elegant occasions!

Materials Used
Color Club Eternal Beauty
Franken Sheer Black
Franken black stamping polish
Fair Maiden Polish Fairy Godmother
Wet n Wild Black Creme
Messy Mansion stamping plate #44

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