Saturday, November 17, 2018

Born Pretty Store Review: Succulent Stickers

*Provided for honest review*

Hello, everyone!

I've been meaning to post this review for a while now, but have been quite busy lately ('tis the season). So here it is! Enjoy!

This sheet of succulent stickers is huge! You can find it HERE for currently $2.59 per sheet - that's this entire massive sheet for less than $3! I chose to review style #4 of this product, but there are others to choose from that are equally lovely.

I really like that there is such a wide variety of colors for these cactus and succulent stickers. The details on the stickers are really nice too! I did notice a couple things about these stickers, however. First, be very careful peeling them off the backing. On more than one occasion I had problems where the sticker would split when I peeled it off the paper backing, effectively making the sticker impossible to use. Another thing I noticed is that, like many nail stickers I've come across, the edges of the stickers are quite visible especially after applying topcoat. I've learned this unfortunately just comes with the territory of nail stickers. 

For the nail art, I used Sinful Colors Island Coral and Love & Beauty Honeydew to make a gradient on a few of my nails, while I left Honeydew alone on a few others. I added some stickers and topped with topcoat for a quick and easy manicure!

And yes, I had a major break on my pinky nail. It was still very raw when I went to photograph this mani so I thought I'd spare you all the gruesomeness by editing it this once. Ouch!

Materials Used
Sinful Colors Island Coral
Love & Beauty Honeydew
BPS stickers

If you're shopping with Born Pretty Store, be sure and use my discount code below! Thanks for stopping by, and have a nice day!

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