Monday, October 23, 2017

Life and Blog Update

Hey, everyone!!!

I think this has been my longest hiatus yet, and I am SO sorry for my prolonged absence! But I am back and I promise I'm not abandoning this blog or my lovely followers. Keep reading for what is sure to be a long-winded explanation (I'll try to keep it as short and sweet as possible).

So I'm sure many of you are wondering "Where in the world has The Nail Smith been for four months?!" Long story short, life got crazy. My grandparents decided that, in their golden years, their giant ranch-style home in the country was just getting too much for them to handle, especially considering the decline of my grandfather's health the last few years. So they moved into city limits for the fist time in about 50 years of marriage, meaning 1) a lot of downsizing and 2) a LOT of organization was needed. Luckily for them, I was available all summer and was therefore the family member to spearhead this massive move. It was incredibly challenging, but they both love their new home!

We are nearly done unpacking, and so about two months ago I decided "I think I have some time to catch up on my blog now!" Clearly, the gods of tech had other plans. Today is the first day that I have been able to log into my Blogger account in way too long. To put it succinctly, Google help forums aren't really all that helpful, but I was able to log back in by trying the very last thing I could think of - at long last.

I have plenty of posts and reviews to catch up on, and I will try to post them in as timely a manner as possible. One last thing to mention, though, is that my grandfather is undergoing a major life-altering surgery tomorrow morning. We're hoping that, should it go successfully, he will be happy and healthy for many years to come. It's really nerve-wracking, though, as he reacts poorly to general anesthesia, so I probably won't be sleeping much tonight.

This is all probably way more information than some of you were expecting, but I am so grateful for your patience as my life gets back under control. Keep your eyes open for upcoming posts! And thanks for stopping by!

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