Thursday, November 6, 2014

Nailed It Tag!

Hey, everyone!

There's a tag going around the nail community right now and I've been tagged by Michelle of Le Lacquer Hookup! Go check out her answers to the tag's questions, and then keep reading to see my take on it!

1. Of what color do you own the most polishes?

I own a lot of blue polishes. A lot of the first polishes that started my collection were blues, actually, and I still have a few of them. There's just so many lovely shades of blue out there, it's hard to pass them up!

2. Name your favorite memory associated with a specific polish.

During the summer before my senior year of high school, my mom and I went on a 5 day cruise down to Ensenada. It was a new experience for both of us and it was really fun (once we figured out how to relax haha). One of the shore days was on Catalina Island, where there was a Del Sol store. We got a few cool color changing polishes, including Electrick. Unfortunately it doesn't change color any more, but I still love having it in my collection!

3. What's your secret for chip-free polish?

It's not really a secret, I guess, but I've been using Nail Envy for Sensitive and Peeling Nails followed by a coat of Orly Bonder for the base coat of all my manis lately. The biggest cause of chipping in the past for me was because my nails would peel terribly, and now they don't at all so my manis last a good while!

4. Of what brand do you own the most bottles of polish and why is that brand your favorite?

I'm a sucker for OPI polishes. Their collections always seem to have such unique colors, and somehow I manage to find them on sale every time I go to Ulta! I own 27 OPI polishes currently, but I'm sure that number will continue to grow. (I know there are 28 bottles in the picture - that's because I have both a mini bottle and a full size bottle of Care to Danse?) I have fairly wide nail beds so I absolutely love OPI's wide brushes. Plus their creme polishes are simply stellar. So pigmented and beautiful!

5. What polish do like the least in your collection and why do you still keep it?

I bought Sinful Colors Blue By You because it looked really pretty. Then I got it home and opened it... and it smells TERRIBLE. Worse than my Seche Vite, which has a pretty strong smell but not unbearable. The only reason I keep it is because it is so multidimensional in its beauty. Sigh... can't have the best of both worlds with this polish!

6. What's your go-to nail polish remover?

I never use anything besides 100% acetone. I'm too impatient for anything else! I just make sure and moisturize really well with lotion or cuticle oil after I use it. Plus, it's cheap! I always pour mine into a little pump bottle that I got online somewhere (I can't remember where, sorry!), that way it's easy to use!

7. What is your favorite brand for glitter or nail effects, and why?

I'm not a super glittery person, but when I do use glitter I'm usually reaching for any of these China Glaze ones. Left to right are: Fairy Dust, Techno, Whirled Away, and Mosaic Madness. They're all really great toppers!

Although I'm not exactly sure what is meant by "nail effects," my favorite brand for special polishes is probably Color Club, specifically their second Halo Hues collection. They're so pigmented and glorious!

8. Do you match your toes to your nails when you re-polish?

I usually don't match my finger nails to my toes, but I try to paint my toes a nice seasonal color with a coordinating glitter (because it stays on longer and I'm lazy when it comes to my toes). For example, bright colors in summer, cozy colors in fall, etc. And no, I don't have pics of my toes because whenever I try to photograph my toes they always look weird!

9. Name the specific polishes you've repurchased more than once.

I go through a lot of black and white polish, but until now I've never found a brand I would repurchase. Now my go-to for each is Sally Hansen White On and Wet n Wild Black Creme, so I'm pretty sure when I run out I will repurchase those. Other than those, and basics like base coat and top coat, I've never repurchased a specific color. Look at all those empty Seche Vite bottles! The big one is practically full though...

10. Do you paint accent nails or use only one color?

If you're familiar with my blog at all, you know that I don't do single colors. I usually do at least one accent nail, sometimes two. It really depends on my mood, free time, and the design.

11. Name the oldest polish in your collection.

That would be either these Wet n Wild Fast Dry polishes, which my grandma gave to me one year for my birthday, or my Del Sol Electrick. I think they're all approximately the same age. The Wet n Wild polishes are, left to right:, Blue Wants to Be a Millionaire, Sage in the City. 

That's all for this post. And yeah, it was a lot! I'm passing this tag onto Narmai from, as well as anyone else who would like to share their answers! Thanks for stopping by!

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